Friday, August 19, 2016

cyber hitman

Fitting. But you realize her photo manipulation destroys your "theyory"
about the mysterious, never named "they" taking a portion of a Lovelady
photo and placing it on Ozzy's head, don't you?

How do you rectify that Raff*? 

Ralph Cinque:

They moved over the top of Young Lovelady's head. And I moved it over myself to show that it fits perfectly. 

Now, if that's not what happened, then it means that Lovelady's head and hair from 1957 fit exactly over Doorman's head, and that's amazing whether Doorman was Oswald or Lovelady. And, the very idea that Lovelady had the exact same hair in 1963 that he had in 1957 is preposterous.  And, we know for a fact that he didn't. It's not just a matter of his baldness problem- which was severe. It concerns the length of his hair, the style, the lay, the form. Hair is volatile; it is constantly changing. There is way too much likeness here, and it doesn't happen in the real world. I said: the real world, as opposed to JFK-land. 

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