Sunday, August 21, 2016

This is a very good collage by Richard Hooke. It shows who Lovelady really was in the Altgens doorway: Black Hole Man. 

Richard shows that the shirts of Black Hole Man and FBI Lovelady really did match- except that they whited out the stripes on Black Hole Man. Richard has written "shielding his bald crown from the noonday sun" but of course, what he was doing was shielding his eyes from the noonday sun. And I'll point out that it really was solar Noon because Dallas is on New Orleans time which makes the clock half an hour late. So, at 12:30, it was really High Noon. And I know from my own experience that that Dallas sun can be fierce even in late November. It's blinding. 

But, I want you to think about the irony of a man shielding his eyes from the Noonday sun at a time that his face is in such deep dark shadow that it's blackened out. He couldn't produce that much shadow just by plopping his hands on his head. Could he? Of course not. So obviously, at that moment, his eyes were in bright, squinting, blinding sunlight until he put his hands up there. And just from that, it all turned to black? Bull shit. No way. He's got his elbows way out, so plenty of sunlight was still reaching his face. That blackout was deliberate. They whited out his shirt, and they blackened out his face to hide the fact that he was Billy Lovelady.   

And notice on the far right of the collage how little hair Billy Lovelady actually had. The FBI obviously bolstered his hair in their photos. They gave him more than he really had. Again I'll say: if you know Oswald was framed and innocent, why would you trust staged, posed, primped, propped photos from the FBI? 

In the entire history of photography going back to 1820, there has never been another photo in the world in which a man's entire face got blackened out. I challenge anyone, friend or foe, to go on Google Images and find another photo like it. It doesn't exist. It is strictly a JFK assassination phenomenon. You see: the JFK assassination took place in another universe with different laws of physics. Didn't you know?  

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