Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On McAdams' forum, John King posted the link to the version of the Bob Jackson photo seen on the left, but it's materially different from the one on the right. Can you tell how? 

This is like one of those magazine puzzles where they show you two seemingly identical images and ask you to find the subtle differences. Try it here. I'll warn you: it's small. 

OK, here is the answer. Get ready now because I'm going to give it to you. It's Oswald's index finger. On the right, there is more of it showing. On the left there is less of it showing. On the left, there is practically nothing beyond the proximal digit. On the right, you can see more of it. 

So, how do you account for that? It's just one photograph, right? One unaltered photograph? 

It's one photograph, but it isn't unaltered. It is highly altered. And once they start altering, they are never done They are always tweaking it.  There is definitely more index finger showing on the right. It can't be denied. Furthermore, there is no excuse for it. Leastways, there is no innocent excuse for it. And it is a smoking gun proving the fraudulence of this image. 

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