Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The HSCA was a joke. It may have started with good intentions, but they were quickly dashed. Behind the scene, powerful forces were using their influence to make sure that the right people were put in control of it, people loyal to the government, people who would NEVER hold the government responsible for the killing no matter what the evidence showed. 

You know how the Warren Commission was slated to find Oswald guilty before it even started. You heard that WC lawyer write recently that they wondered, at first, whether Oswald really acted alone. Not whether Oswald did it or not, not whether he might possibly be innocent, but whether he acted alone. 

And then at the end, when it was all said and done, what did they rest their case on? The dictabelt recording? THE DICTABELT RECORDING???? Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting, and they fussed about the dictabelt recording?

And, the only reason they did that (fuss about the dictabelt recording) is because they knew that if they found EXACTLY the same as the Warren Commission did, it would look like a whitewash. Well, it was a whitewash, and all they did was tweak the Warren Commission findings. And nobody took it seriously. Did any branch of law enforcement go looking for the guy brandishing the weapon heard on the dictabelt? Hell no.  

I posted that letter from Vince Salandria last night, and the most telling thing in it was his comment that anyone assigned to the HSCA was someone who could be counted on NOT to incriminate the government. Not any branch of the government, not any agency within the government, not any bureau, not any official. Robert Blakey? He was just as corrupt as any of the Warren Commissioners. Did he and does he believe his own shit? That the Mafia put Oswald up to doing it? The Mafia got the parade route changed, did they? The Mafia had complete control of the US media, did they? And, the Mafia chose Oswald because he was the best sniper in the world, was he? 

Some people are calling for yet another government investigation, but why? Why should it be any different? We don't need another government investigation because the facts are plain as day: Oswald was standing in the doorway at the time of the murder, so he was innocent. I think it should go right to making some arrests: George HW Bush, Ruth Paine, Michael Paine, to name three. These people aren't going to live forever, and it would be nice to get them before they relinquish this mortal coil. 

Government can never honestly investigate itself. When government is the guilty party (as in the JFK assassination), it's like asking the wolf to guard the hen house. 

And the same is true of the mainstream media. Could CBS or NBC or ABC honestly investigate the JFK assassination when they were accessories after the fact in his murder? 

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