Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I just discovered something. Babushka Lady was shooting diagonally at the Kennedys towards the east (to her right) before she shot diagonally at them towards the west (to her left). 

The crux of it is that she couldn't see through Charles Brehm. So, she angled to her right to shoot them when they were approaching, and then she angled to her left to shoot them when they were diverging. But, why did she stand behind Charles Brehm at all? She could have easily taken a spot right on Elm Street, right on the curb. By standing behind Brehm, she missed out on viewing the limo when it was in front of him. She could have stood on either side of him, easily. There was plenty of room. So, why didn't she? 

How about: because it was a Kill Zone, and she knew it? She didn't want to get too close. 

There are numerous images of Babushka Lady, all conveniently from behind so that we can't see her face, but with just the one single exception. But notice that besides showing her face, it shows her scarf undone. In all the other images of Babushka Lady, her scarf is wrapped tightly, shugly around her head. And I mean images from before this one, and images from after this one. So, what's the explanation? 

There is no explanation, at least no explanation from November 22, 1963. The explanation is that the center image in the collage is bogus. It is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE! They (the FBI) made that to show a face that was too old and mislead any snooping toms who might try to find her.

Now, why would they do that? It's because they were lying sacks of shit in saying that she never came forward. She not only came forward (to the FBI) after the assassination, it's likely she was involved in the plot beforehand. 

The bogus image of Babushka Lady, which shows her face, is the smoking gun that proves that authorities have been lying through their teeth about her from Day 1. She was sent there to capture the kill on film. 

So, this woman below was NOT the Babushka Lady, and she was NOT there. They slipped her into the photo afterwards. 

And, they had to make room for her, which took some doctoring.

Look at the man behind her. How come he's got three legs?

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