Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aug 21
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Is Beverly Oliver really Mary Pinchot Meyer?

Ralph Cinque:

Babushka Lady must have come forward since they used her photo to fashion what we call the Moorman photo. The so-called Moorman photo was taken on a diagonal to the Kennedys, as a physicist (and note that he's a real professor) has confirmed. Mary has never claimed to have taken her picture that way, nor has she ever demonstrated it that way. It would have meant that she waited until the Kennedys passed her and then shot them from behind. Never has she ever claimed to have done that.  

So, either Babushka Lady was in on it all along, or she became in on it after she came forward. 

But, BL was not Mary Pinchot Meyer, and she was not Beverly Oliver either. Nor was she the woman in the scarf standing next to Jim Featherstone on Houston Street as seen in the Nix film. We don't know who she was. 

This is how the Moorman photo was taken. Mary didn't do this. She didn't wait for this. She did not let them pass her before shooting.

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