Sunday, August 28, 2016

Let's look further at the issue of whether Babushka Lady was wearing a disguise. I say she was. 

First, this is NOT Babushka Lady. It is another woman, and she wasn't there. There weren't two Babushka Ladies on lower Elm Street that day, for crying out loud. 

That lady is much older than the Babushka Lady. She's at least 10 years older. And you can see that her image was implanted there because she is too small. The FBI made this precisely to mislead about BL's identity. Do you realize that this is the ONLY image we supposedly have of BL's face? In every other image, she is always turned away. But in this one, we've got a straight-on shot of her kisser. Accident? Hell no. They did this on purpose to mislead us, so that if anybody looks for her, they'll be looking for the wrong person. That woman is NOT Babushka Lady, and neither is Beverly Arnold.  Babushka Lady was not a woman in her 50s, and neither was she a 17 year old girl. Stop the nonsense. 

So, forget about the image of Old Babushka; it's off the table. There are many other pictures of Babushka Lady, that presumably are real, but there are none of her face.  Did it just turn out that way? Or, can you believe as I do, that if somebody did capture her face, that the FBI got hold of it, and they destroyed it. They did NOT want us to see her face. They did not want us to get a good look at her.  They just gave us a phony image showing her face. But, for the real Babushka, it is just too damn freaky that her face was never caught on camera. She was caught numerous times from numerous directions but never her face? Except for the phony one? What a crock o' shit. 

We have a color photo of the real Babushka Lady, the Skaggs photo, and it shows that her scarf was purple.

That conflicts with what Beverly Arnold says, but hey: Beverly Arnold is not the Babushka Lady. She is just a person who thrust herself into the JFK story and turned it into a cottage industry.

Now get out your glasses: this is the closest thing we have to seeing the face of Babushka Lady:

There isn't much to see there, but I think we can safely say that she is not a 17 year old girl, and she's not a woman in her late 50s, like the old one. And notice that her scarf is undone below, and it's the only such picture in a sea of others in which her scarf is wrapped tightly. This woman below is OLD. How old?  She could even be 60.  Easily. And Hell's Bells, she'd still be 5 years younger than I am.  

On the right, look how jowly she is. That is not a young face. The face on the left is much younger but certainly not a teenage girl. She could be late 30s to early 40s. And that is the absolute limit for her as to age because her skin looks smooth and her face tight. But again, she is DEFINITELY not a 17 year old girl.

Now, for goodness sake, does that look like a 17 year old girl? Look at the girth on her, for crying out loud. 

Now, was Babushka Lady in on it, the plot? I STRONGLY suspect she was. It's my working conclusion that she was. Consider:

How come BL was so fearless? How come she didn't get down like the others? She doesn't look the least bit afraid. She looks pretty relaxed there, in her body language. Was it because she knew that JFK was the only target, and he was long gone? 

The Dallas Police did put appeals in the newspapers and on radio asking her to come in. What are the chances that she didn't hear about them? I rate them at zero. Not 1 in 100. Not 1 in a 1000. But zero. And that's because even if she didn't see or hear the appeals, somebody she knew must have. And you can't tell me that she didn't tell people in her life that she went to Dealey Plaza and took photos in the Kill Zone.  Because if that's the case, then she was definitely in on it. So, it is completely untenable that she just disappeared into the ether.  

But, the most telling thing of all is the fact that we know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Moorman photo was taken on a diagonal angle from the southeast, and that is exactly where Babushka Lady was with a camera in her hands.

Babushka Lady is the only person who could have taken the Moorman photo. There are no other candidates. It's her picture. And if they got her picture, it means that they got her. 

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