Saturday, August 20, 2016

How is the JFK assassination not like the tv show Law and Order? Law and Order is truer to real life.

I watched an old rerun of Law and Order this afternoon, and in it, were the two detectives, Lennie Briscoe and Mike Logan. They were chasing this suspect, and Mike Logan, being the younger of the two, reaches the guy first- because he could run faster. So, he starts grappling with the guy, trying to restrain him, as the tired, winded Lennie reaches the scene. And, in the midst of the struggle, what do you think Mike asked Lennie for upon his arrival?
Hint: He didn't ask him to grab the guy's arm.
He asked him for handcuffs, which Lennie handed to him, and which Mike applied to the suspect. And then, the struggle was over. Finished. Finete. All over.
That's what happens, not just on the show, but in real life.
But, we are expected to believe that a horde of police grappled with "Jack Ruby" and it didn't occur to anyone to take out handcuffs and cuff him.
Instead, they did something that police would never do- not in real life and not in a tv show; they shuffled him into the building without cuffing him.

They didn't cuff him. They didn't cuff him. They didn't cuff him.
And that should mean something to you. It should tell you that the whole thing was fake and what they were really doing was covering him up so that we and the camera couldn't see him.
You see, if they had stopped to cuff him, then we would have been able to see him. And they couldn't allow that. Why? BECAUSE THAT GUY WASN'T JACK RUBY.
Find me one other instance in the entire history of police work in which the police did such a thing- herded a guy into a building without cuffing him. It hasn't happened in real life. It hasn't happened in the movies. And it hasn't happened on tv. It only happened in the bizarro world of the JFK assassination.

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