Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recently, I wrote the following, and some asshole wants to fight about it:

"The Warren Commission interviewed several witnesses who said that Lovelady was Doorman. Note that Lovelady was not one of them. At no time did he claim to be Doorman. He and Joseph Ball talked around it."

Yes, Lovelady claimed to be in the Altgens6 photo, but there was nothing clear about whom he claimed to be. He certainly never claimed to be Doorman. You can infer that he implied it- I suppose. But, you can't can't claim that he stated it- because he didn't.

Here's his testimony. Point to the statement in which he said he was Doorman. Not only is there no such statement in which he claimed to be Doorman, there is no statement in which he or Joseph Ball even referred to Doorman in any way.

That's in contrast to other witnesses. Here is how Joseph Ball handled the matter with Buell Frazier.

Mr. BALL - (pointing) Do you recognize this fellow?
Mr. FRAZIER - That is Billy, that is Billy Lovelady. 

So, why didn't Ball do that with Lovelady, point to Doorman and ask Billy who he was? Here's what Ball did with Danny Arce:

Mr. BALL. I want to show you a picture. I show you Commission Exhibit No. 369. I show you this picture. See this man in this picture? (pointing)
Mr. ARCE. Yeah.
Mr. BALL. Recognize him?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that's Billy Lovelady.
Mr. BALL. Just to identify it clearly, the man on the steps---well, you see the man on the steps, do you not?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. He is a white man, isn't he?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. And you see his picture just above the picture of two colored people, is that correct; would you describe it like that?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. I am not going to mark this purposely because other witnesses have to see it.
Mr. ARCE. Yes.
Mr. BALL. Did you say that is Billy Lovelady?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that is Billy Lovelady.
Mr. BALL. Now, there is only one face that is clearly shown within the entrance-way of the Texas School Book Depository Building, isn't there?
Mr. ARCE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. And only one face of a person who is standing on the steps of the Depository Building entrance?
Mr. ARCE. Yeah.
Mr. BALL. And that one man you see there---
Mr. ARCE. Yes, that's Billy Lovelady. 

So, why didn't Joseph Ball do that with Billy Lovelady, point to Doorman and say, "Who's that?"

He didn't do it because he didn't know what Lovelady would say. He may have been warned that Lovelady was dragging his feet. That's why he shrewdly resorted to the non-verbal arrow-drawing instead. And after Lovelady drew his arrow, Ball still didn't verbally identify Doorman. How could he when Lovelady didn't draw his arrow to him? Lovelady balked. He drew his arrow to another figure. 

Lovelady's testimony: they are still lying about what he said- to this day. 

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