Monday, August 8, 2016

I have been contacted by one of the lawyers who will be defending Lee Harvey Oswald at the mock trial in Houston, and he asked me to send him a packet of images and other evidence for Oswald in the doorway. He doesn't want it digital; he wants it physical; actual photographs he can hold in his hand and show a jury; and I shall oblige. 

However now, I am going to tell him about Chana Willis and her willingness to go to Houston to testify and put on a demonstration for the jury. 

You knew it was going to come to this, didn't you? You should have. But, here's the sickening, twisted irony: 

There are people who allege to be Oswald defenders who are actually going to be rooting for the other side, who will be fervently hoping for an Oswald conviction- IF HIS DEFENSE IS BASED ON OSWALD IN THE DOORWAY. They would rather see him found guilty than get off in that manner. So, if he's convicted, they'll be relieved. I won't mention any names. Joseph Backes. They'll be partying with the lonenutters afterwards. That's how sick and twisted this JFK community is.

Well, Oswald is NOT going to be found guilty. If his defense is based on his presence in the doorway during the shooting, he will most certainly be acquitted, and history, as we know it, will take a tumble. You can bet the farm on it. 

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