Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Stephen Requa's new book Calling All Angels, about the murder of Jane Stanford in 1905, is being met with great expectations. Advance sales have been swift.  I received this message from Stephen about the significance of the book. And keep in mind that the book itself is now part of the history because there have been so few books about it- the first not appearing until 2003- 98 years after the crime.  That was Dr. Robert Cutler's book, The Mysterious Death of Jane Stanford, to which Stephen's book is a direct and expanded sequel. 


It seems to me we have gotten down to being able to make the simple truths heard. The two books on Jane Stanford's murder now allow this, the simple facts of that are:

1) A group of fanatical racists with the pathologically greedy conspired to murder an old lady to steal her university -- and had to murder Isaac Requa to get away with it and also steal the Central Pacific Railroad;

2) Based on that, they plotted, with the exact same murderers of an old lady, to steal the country's monetary system by creating the Federal Reserve. with no accounting for it in 113 years, and paid one of the murderers $100 million to election-rig so they could do it (and a lot more);

2) The same people organized to instigate WW I and then steal billions/trillions with related Crimes Against Humanity;

3) Then, they did the same thing with the same people to create Hitler and start WW II, with, for example, Nelson Rockefeller fueling Nazi U boats throughout the war;

4) When their investment in Nazi Germany was lost, they employed Allen Dulles to cover-up all WW II entanglements and funnel useful Nazis into the U.S. (or West Germany) while J.Edgar Hoover and HL Hunt funneled Mafia into the FBI -- all employees of the same interests who murdered Jane Stanford and Isaac Requa;

5) Then when JFK fired Allen Dulles and started printing authentic US currency, all the Nazis and Mafia murdered him, and then RFK and MLK to keep their War Profitteering going;

6) And then did 9/11 to make more filthy lucre from the succeeding wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  

Is there a more simple or accurate history to 20th Century?

Now maybe the two Jane Stanford books can inspire some civil disobedience, for example, to prevent and obstruct a state funeral for George HW Bush. Announce that that is what is planned in advance and start practicing for it in Washington DC.  Washington Cathedral CANNOT be used for it, etc. etc. Anybody have a better idea? - besides, of course, making the Hoover Institute clear as the criminal entity it is.

IMO the two Jane Stanford books are going to collapse it all. At least they can! You don't murder old ladies to steal their universities, which is what they did -- and then a whole lot more that was even worse. Then they had the murderers organize to steal the nation's monetary system, and then a whole lot worse still.

The murderers and thieves and fanatical racists and pathologically greedy satanists (like at the Bohemian Grove) must simply be stopped, period. Civil disobedience is the only way.

Civil disobedience is all that ever works with things like this, as MLK and Gandhi proved.


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