Thursday, August 11, 2016

This is a review of why the image of "Lovelady" in the squad room footage is fabricated and false, which I am putting up for someone to see. But first, here are some facts that are NOT in dispute.

1) Never did Lovelady claim to be in that squad room or to have seen Oswald at the Dallas PD at any time. In fact, he denied it: twice. On the record, he twice stated that that the last time he saw Oswald was when they broke for lunch at the TSBD, and that he never saw him again after that. That was in April 1964 during his Warren Commission testimony and in 1976 when he underwent an informal taped deposition with the HSCA attorney. Neither Lovelady- nor his chatty wife Patricia- ever confirmed or acknowledged this squad room walk-by/encounter ever occurred, and he certainly would have told his wife. 

2) The recognition of this footage- or you could say the discovery of it- wasn't made until 1976. So, for 13 years, between 1963 and 1976, nobody ever noticed Lovelady at the desk in the squad room.

3) Lovelady was part of a large group of witnesses who were brought to the the Dallas PD from Dealey Plaza to make statements. The idea that they would separate Lovelady from the group and place him in the squad room of the homicide detectives- alone- is preposterous.

4) The footage starts with the big cop and Oswald already being past Lovelady. They would have had to walk by him to get to where we see them, but that isn't shown. It isn't shown because it didn't happen and couldn't have. There was NO ROOM for Lovelady to be there. The big cop and Oswald, who were two astride, would have had to climb over Lovelady's feet or walk around him, and the very idea that Lovelady would just sit there, like a lump on a log, when he saw this procession of cops approaching him is ridiculous. People tend to get out of the way of the police. 

5) And this is most important: NOBODY in the footage ever looks at or acknowledges Lovelady. Not one person. They all ignore him. Including Oswald, who worked with him. It was like Lovelady wasn't there. HE WASN'T. And by reflex alone, people would glance at someone who was so close to them and in their visual field. That's automatic. They don't do it because Lovelady wasn't there. That desk, which was really just a supply table, was unoccupied. OK, here now is the gif:

Then, there is another version of the walk-by which is completely different and doesn't even use the same figure for Lovelady.  I have it in slow-motion. This, I believe, was a reenactment. So, I don't presume that the Lovelady figure wasn't there and part of the scene in the clip below. But, it is obviously not the same clip as the one above. It is a totally different clip. It's a do-over. Someone must have realized that the first one wasn't credible. 

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