Tuesday, December 13, 2016

All the Parkland doctors could do was try to repair the major breaks in Oswald's circulatory system (and they couldn't repair all of them) with the hope that when his heart beat that it would pump blood through the system and not out of the system. But, just when they thought that they might have done that, his heart quit beating, and they couldn't get it started again. But, even if they had succeeded at restoring meaningful circulation, what about all the damage to his vital organs? What about the damage to his brain from having been deprived of blood for so long? What about the massive risk of infection and sepsis that he faced? The idea that a doctor, any doctor would have thought it necessary to take decisive action to kill Oswald is ridiculous. Malcolm Perry said that right away he knew that Oswald was lethally injured. 

DALLAS, Nov. 24, 1963 (UPI) - Dr. Malcolm O. Perry said today that accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was "lethally injured" by the time he arrived at Parkland Hospital's emergency room. -- "I could tell he was lethally injured when he came in," Perry said.

They all knew it. Even if one of them was in cahoots with the plotters, he wouldn't have done anything except let Nature take its course. There was no need to do anything else. David Lifton's theory that one or more of the Parkland doctors killed Oswald is completely and totally ridiculous. 

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