Monday, December 12, 2016

Do you realize that we are back to the situation being that there are no images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination? We went through the spell in which Linda Z and Backes tried to claim the Detective TL Baker was Bookhout, but now that that has been dashed, there are no images at all of him. Above is another bogus sighting. Linda Z tried to claim that the young man on the far right is Bookhout. But, that is Tommy Collins, just like it says. He signed his name over his image. And I found the entire yearbook online, and there were other kids who did the same thing: signed their name over their image.

So, that was DEFINITELY Tommy Collins and not James Bookhout in the top picture. Yet, Bookhout has to be there in the picture. So, who is he? He's the Wizard's pick: 

There is no one else who even comes close in facial features to Bookhout. 

Of course, they messed with his nose:

But, that is him, and he matches well to the Ruby Impostor.

Come on, that is the same guy. For crying out loud, that is the same guy. Same shape face. Same eyes. Same mouth. Same chin. The nose is different but only because they made it different. It's the same guy. I'm going to ask the Wizard to make a gif of this. 

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