Monday, December 5, 2016

Robin Unger doesn't even have an elementary knowledge of how to read photographs. A photograph is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional space. So, how is the dimension of depth registered? It's registered by height: height in the photo. 

I'm sure this man along the curb wasn't taller than the traffic light, but he was deeper in the camera-field, and therefore, he registers as higher in the picture. 

So, Toni and her mother are deeper in the picture than the traffic light, and that's why they look relatively high in reference to it. They would look much higher if they were standing on the pedestal.

It is SO obvious that they are standing on the grass there that when I first saw the image, it didn't even occur to me that anyone was claiming that they were standing on the pedestal THEN. So what, you figure that if they weren't standing on the pedestal they would have been out of view to Elsie Dorman? Because they are partially out of view there. We can't see the lower part of their legs and feet. 

So, in order to be in view to Elsie, they had to be standing on the pedestal, did they? Instead of worrying about that traffic light, Unger, why don't you explain why they aren't towering over the people in front of them if they are up on that pedestal?

It looks like they are on the ground, and that's because they were on the ground. 

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