Thursday, December 15, 2016

I'm curious here Mr Cinque, if Kennedy was shot from behind as the official report states , if the 6.5 carcano bullet was powerful enough as they claim to blow the back of his head open would it not do the same damage to the front of his throat ,leaving a much larger exit wound than the autopsy photo shows? I know the official claim is bunk but I'm just curious on this . The wound just seem inconsistent with what they'd have us believe.
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Ralph Cinque Well, JFK was from shot behind when he was shot in the back at the level of T3. Of course, it didn't go out through his neck. It didn't go through him at all. And the first shot that missed was taken from behind -from the Dal Tex building. The small diameter hole in his neck was definitely an entrance wound, therefore, taken from the front. So, the sequence was: first, the shot that missed, second the shot to his back, third, the shot to his throat, then, the shots to Connally, and finally, the fatal head shot from the Grassy Knoll. Some believe there was another shot to the back of JFK's head an instant before the fatal head shot, but I am not sold on that.
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