Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This image was made by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera. He used the Bob Jackson photo of Lovelady from 1971 to represent Lovelady's shirt. And, Oswald's shirt on the right was taken from the National Archives photo of his shirt.

Obviously, the match is to Oswald. And the point is that, in no way does Doorman's shirt capture the plaid of Lovelady's shirt. It's just vaguely irregular like Oswald's shirt, and with no distinct pattern at all. What we are seeing on Doorman is the fine graininess of Oswald's shirt, plus light reflection, and the haze and distortion from being blown up so much. Remember how small as in tiny the image really was. 

So, Doorman's shirt is definitely Oswald's shirt. That the shills have often cited the shirt as evidence for Lovelady is ridiculous. They apparently don't know what the word "plaid" means. It means horizontal and vertical lines crossing and forming boxes. There is not a single box on Doorman's shirt.

So, there is NOTHING about Doorman's clothing that attest to Lovelady. Doorman's clothes are 100% Lee Harvey Oswald. And, the ONLY thing they have about his person to attest to Lovelady is the hairline, and that was faked. So, when you compare them and just leave the hairline out of it, which is entirely legitimate, it's a perfect match between Oswald and Doorman.

That is going to President Trump, along with a very carefully and thoughtfully written letter. And what happens after that, we'll just have to see. 

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