Saturday, December 10, 2016

It can't be disputed what I am saying about the disconnect between the Beers and Jackson photos. They are supposed to be .6 second apart, but the men are different; the arrangement is different; and there is no segue between the two. The odd Blackie Harrison isn't even in Beers, while the man in the light trench coat isn't in Jackson. How is such a thing possible in a mere split-second?  Plus, the man who is turned sideways and looking down in Beers (behind Graves and a little to the right) isn't in Jackson either. And don't tell me that he's there but we just can't see him. You have no right to make that assumption. The problem is that when people compared these two photos, they didn't compare the "fields". They compared the crucial figures, Oswald, Leavelle, Graves, and "Ruby" but they just accepted the rest without comparison. It doesn't require genius to realize that they are very different. 
And even the changes in Oswald, Leavelle, and "Ruby" are too great to happen in .6 second. And remember that the changes in what Oswald was doing had to happen in .3 second because if we assume that the shot occurred halfway between Beers and Jackson (and I don't know what else we can assume) then Oswald did not start to react and alter what he was doing until .3 second before Jackson, since the shot presumably occurred .3 second before Jackson, and he was reacting to the shot. But wait. That's impossible because in the films we can see what Oswald's reaction is; he makes a pained face and starts going down. 

There's no arm-slapping going on. So, there is no way to make sense out of the Jackson photo. It contradicts the films.

What this is, really, is a public delusion, a societal delusion, a mass delusion. The Beers and Jackson photos are like a Dick and Jane storybook- for adults. "There is Oswald. Oswald is about to get shot. Jack Ruby is about to shoot Oswald. And now, Oswald has been shot, and he is reacting. Look at Oswald react. He does not look happy."

It's a case of adults being spoon-fed, like children, by their parent, the State-Media complex.   

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