Thursday, December 22, 2016

The New York Daily News has published an article calling for the criminal investigation of the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, the esteemed journalist and media sensation who died under very suspicious circumstances shortly after interviewing Jack Ruby.

Here's how she looked when she was young. She was absolutely gorgeous.

The article was written by Mark Shaw, the author of a recently published book about her. The title of his book is The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. Here is a webpage about the book:

One of the things that he revealed is that Dorothy Kilgallen was under FBI surveillance at the time. Now, why did she need to be under FBI surveillance? Was there any chance she was involved in crime? Of course not. She wasn't a danger to the country, but she was a danger to the FBI, and that's why they had her under surveillance.

By the way, her husband, Richard Kollmar, died a few months after she did and the same way she did: from a drug overdose. He never talked about her death, and he told friends it was because he didn't want to be next. Well, he was anyway. He made the same mistake Robert Kennedy did. RFK was silent about the Warren Report and the whole JFK coverup, and he thought that because of his silence they would leave him alone. He thought wrong.

And you know who was running the FBI at the time of her death and her husband's death: J. Edgar Hoover. Am I saying that he's a suspect? I'm saying that he's the #1 suspect. Just as I say that he is the #1 suspect in the murder of Marilyn Monroe, who, of course, died the same way of a drug overdose. It is believed that hers was delivered by enema. 

There is no statute of limitations on murder, so there could be a criminal investigation of hers. I hope there will be. 

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