Monday, December 19, 2016

The Wizard just came up with something else. We know that the "handler" put something dark over Bookhout's head, but what was it? I have referred to it as a "bag" for lack of a better term. I don't know that it was a bag. But, look at this image:

So, there is the handler, and he is coming to the rescue to get Bookhout's head covered. Notice that Bookhout's hat has come off, and we're seeing his head. I shall point out that Maksim Irkutsk, the first person to see that the shooter wasn't Ruby, believes that that head image is fake. But, there was a Fedora hat on the ground when it was over, so his hat must have come off. But, what I'm wondering above is: why don't we see the hat? It seems like we might see it. Doesn't it? And notice that Bookhout's feet are firmly on the ground. His knees are bent, but he is still on his feet. Ruby said that the police pushed him down to the ground. But, that is not what we are seeing above. Look: he's wearing his hat when he dives into the swarm of police. Then, he pops up, and his hat is gone. But, where is it? Where did it go? It just seems to vanish. Watch it in the film. See if you can see what happens to the hat. Start at 13:06.

Anyway, the idea that the Wizard had is that the handler put a "smoking wig" on Bookhout's head. Hmm. That's interesting.

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