Monday, December 5, 2016

This collage has been quite a hit, and I have decided to include it in the portfolio I send to President Trump. We are far beyond the threshold of certainty that Doorman was Oswald. There is no doubt that they were one and the same person, and there is no doubt that the doorway is now the dominant position among Oswald defenders as where he was during the shooting. And, I don't credit myself for that. I credit OIC Chairman Larry Rivera. Larry commands a very high level of respect within the JFK community, and I can tell you that he has interacted about this with some very big names. And, they all speak highly of him. When Larry's name was put forward to be Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, the members vigorously expressed their support and approval. It was unanimous. And what Larry accomplished in Dallas last month was of historic magnitude. Oswald is now cemented in that doorway, and nothing is ever going to dislodge him. It is never going back to what it used to be, with the tired, worn-out denials and excuses. Oswald was in the doorway, and that IS the basis for defending him.  There is NO defending him without it. You hear me? I am talking to anybody and everybody who has ever tried to defend Oswald without establishing his alibi of being in the doorway. I can forgive you- but don't do it again.  

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