Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How the shills will try to pound square pegs into round holes in order to deny the obvious fact that Oswald was innocent and that he gave a solid alibi for his whereabouts during the shooting.

Robin Unger quotes, of all people, James Bookhout, who was Oswald's Garage Shooter, hardly a reliable witness, but, what Bookhout said doesn't even make sense. Bookhout claimed that Oswald claimed to have eaten lunch AFTER the assassination, which is ridiculous. 

It is ridiculous for several reasons. First, Oswald said he ate lunch in the employee's lunch room at a time that James Jarman and Harold Norman had come in to get their lunches, which was early in the lunch break. And why wouldn't it be? What do people do when they break for lunch? They go have lunch. Why would Oswald have waited? He hadn't eaten all day. We know that from Ruth Paine, who said he left her house without eating. Marina said the same thing about Oswald: no breakfast, just coffee, but he took a lunch. Plus, he knew that the motorcade was coming- expected at 12:25. So, why wouldn't he eat before it? He knew he had to go back to work after it. So, if he was going to eat lunch, it was going to be before. Plus, who would even feel like eating right after a man got his brain blown out on the street? But, there is an even bigger problem: no time. The shooting was at 12:30. Oswald reached his room on Beckley by 1:00. That means that all the things he did after the shots: going to the 2nd floor lunch room, milling around, walking down Elm to where he got the bus, being on the stalled bus, getting off the bus and waiting to get the transfer ticket, walking to the depot where he got the cab, dealing with the cab driver and the woman who competed with him for the cab, taking the cab ride, driving past his room and then walking back 5 blocks, all that had to happen in that 30 minutes, and there is just no time to squeeze eating a lunch into that. It doesn't even work as far as getting him on Cecil McWatters' bus at 12:42. There was no time for him to eat lunch and do that at that time. 

So, there is NO CHANCE that Bookhout was telling the truth about that. What Bookhout was doing was lying. And it conflicted with another liar, Will Fritz, who said that Oswald claimed to be eating with other unnamed employees during the motorcade, which was also a lie. Oswald was a loner, and he didn't eat with anybody- not even on a good day. He just said that he saw Jarman and Norman while he was eating, and it was early in the lunch break.

So, Fritz and Bookhout were both liars, but as often happens with liars, they told different lies.

Then, the other problem with Bookhout's lie is that Bill Shelley wasn't out front when Oswald left for home. You see, Shelley left with Lovelady right away for the railway yard. They were part of the throng of people who did that, and you can see them doing it in the Malcolm Couch film.

  So, that is Shelley on the left and Lovelady on the right. That was just seconds after the shooting. And when they finished looking around, they returned to the building via the back door. And when they went inside, they were immediately assigned to guard the freight elevator by Roy Truly. So, there is no NO CHANCE that Shelley was milling around in front when Oswald departed for home. 

So, Bookhout definitely lied when he said all that. When Oswald said he was "Out with Bill Shelley in front" he was DEFINITELY talking about during the shooting. After all: what mattered? What mattered was his alibi for the shooting. He didn't need an alibi for when he left the building for the day to go home. Nobody doubts that he did that. No crime was committed in conjunction with that. He didn't need an alibi witness to prove that he did it. This was his first interrogation, and the most crucial thing for him to say, in pleading innocent, was where he was and what he was doing during the time the crime went down. So, undoubtedly, he was asked where he was during the motorcade, but even if he wasn't asked, he would have said it. "Me? Kill Kennedy? Are you out of your mind? I couldn't have done it. I was out with Bill Shelley in front. We were standing right there in the doorway. Feel free to ask him." 

That may be how it went down. But, the most important thing for him to say, and the most important thing for Fritz to write down was his alibi. And we all know what that was since we can see him there standing in the doorway during the shooting.

James Bookhout was the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald, and that means he can't be relied upon for anything factual. Every word out of his mouth is suspect. It doesn't mean that he didn't say some things that were true- when he could. But, this definitely was not one of his true statements. "Out with Bill Shelley in front" was Oswald's alibi for the shooting of President John F. Kennedy. About that, there is no doubt. 

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