Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Wizard sent me this colorized version of the cropped Jackson photo.

He has got those two guys circled because they're not even looking in the direction of the action. And remember: the shot has already gone off. They heard it. Did it not shock the hell out of them? Apparently not. They don't seem the least bit startled. And the same is true of the white-capped cop, whom we know was Police Inspector J H Sawyer. He's heard the shot too. But, not only is he not reacting to it, he isn't even looking at Oswald. He seems to be looking through him at the camera. 

So, supposedly, he has heard a gun blast, and he's heard Oswald scream, and there is commotion from it all going on right in front of him, and he's not even looking at it. He is not looking at Oswald. He is not looking at any of them. He seems to be posing for the camera, which was some distance away. So, he appears to be looking, through those guys and all the action, at the camera. His focus is BEYOND them. Can't you see that? 

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