Tuesday, December 20, 2016

OIC senior member Hugh O'Neill has written this very insightful commentary on the book, Robert Kennedy and His Times by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. 

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I am half-way through the above bio of RFK. When you read about the monster J. Edgar Hoover was, and by extension his whole FBI, two things leap out: 1) the corruption of the mob infected the entire body politic, and 2) Communism - much like the Russians today- was the ONLY game in town as far as FBI was concerned. Furthermore, surveillance was Hoover's way of maintaining control and power over politicians, as well as maximum PR to dupe the general populace- for whom Hoover had zero respect. Even the execrable film biopic "Edgar" was pure propaganda and continued the lies against both JFK and RFK. 

Once again, the more one finds out about the Kennedy brothers, the better they become. How different the US would be today if not for the Hoovers, Dulleses and LBJs of this world. 

Semper Fidel



RC commentary: I have yet to read Schlesinger's book, but this commentary by Hugh O'Neill only reinforces my conviction that J. Edgar Hoover knew very well, in advance, that John Kennedy was going to be blown away on 11/22/63. And, I also believe that Hoover knew very well that Lee Harvey Oswald was going to be framed for it. In a word, Hoover was in on it, and everything he did following it was an act, a monstrous, hideous, disgusting act. He and LBJ acted together, both of them miserable, rotten, bloodied bastards to the core. I strongly suspect they are feeling the heat now.  

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