Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Here is some interesting work by the Wizard. He found an image of Detective Boyd and Jack Ruby, and not having a proper one of the Ruby impostor and Boyd, he improvised one by moving 2003 Boyd into the 1963 photo, proportionately. First, here is the image of Ruby and Boyd, and what we're interested in is their relative heights. How high on Boyd does Ruby reach? About eye level, right?

Now, here is the older Boyd alongside Bookhout:

Based on Ruby's known height of 5'8", it is apparent that Bookhout was about 5'6", which is what we previously estimated. So, this is a confirmation of that. Here is what the Wizard wrote:


You may recall that there was some criticism of my shaky hand in the drawing of lines on the photos I used to estimate Bookhout's height. I was actually inviting the viewer to draw their own conclusions about the measurements. However, I recently revisited that with the use of a grid, to estimate just how far down that (rear) door the top of Bookhout's head was, and the calculation still came out at about 5.6. It's too untidy to post, but I've done a few photo comparisons and gifs to give a rough idea. I was prompted to do this by the photo of Oswald and Boyd in the Bookhout elevator cupboard. In the impostor photo Boyd is, unfortunately, diving for the cameraman, so you don't see his full height beside Bookhout, but I have transposed 2003 Boyd onto the 1963 still. It's a rough cut because of the camera tilt, but it gives an idea of the height. I have also attached a photo of Ruby beside Boyd for comparison.

I'll revisit the ROTC/Imposter gif next.


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