Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No one has offered an alternative identity, other than James Bookhout, for this short man in the fedora hat who followed the ambulance attendants who rolled Oswald out.

He is coming out the door of the jail office, and at that crucial time, so he's got to be a policeman or detective or FBI agent. I know of two researchers, Linda Zambanini and Denis Morrissette who have websites exhibiting all the law enforcement officers, local and federal, who were involved in the case. So, if he is not James Bookhout, then who is he?

The sideburn is obviously fake, and so is the weird fin-like ear, and that tells you that the image was altered- altered to obscure, to hide, to bury. Why would they do that unless he was someone important that they didn't want us to know about? And who could he be except James Bookhout? 

The one who did all this work in finding out about this was the Wizard, and I am extremely grateful to him. 

Mr. BOOKHOUT - Next time I saw him (Oswald) was after a report came out over the intercom system for any homicide and robbery officers to report to the city hall basement. I proceeded to the basement after learning from Lieutenant Baker in the homicide and robbery bureau, who had made a telephone call to the dispatcher to inquire what was going on, that Oswald had been shot.
When I arrived in the basement I asked where was Oswald, and they said that he was in the jail office. I asked who had shot him, and I was told an individual by the name of Jack Ruby. I asked where Ruby was. They said, they have already taken him up to the jail. 
Mr. STERN - Fine. 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Just shortly thereafter, the ambulance came, and I OBSERVED THEM ROLL OSWALD OUT OF THE JAIL OFFICE ON THE STRETCHER and that is the last----


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