Saturday, December 17, 2016

This is a fascinating gif, a double gif, done by the Wizard. It involves some speculation, but it is reasonable speculation. 

First, he knows about the balding cop who went and covered "Ruby's" head with something when his hat came off during the scuffle, or as I call it, the Dance of the Penguins.

OK, so it's that bald-headed guy in the center that we're talking about. Well, the Wizard sees him again afterwards during the post-shooting interviews, and he assumes that the French-sounding reporter must have been planted as a mouthpiece, since he kept saying over and over, "I saw the flash, I saw the flash, I saw the flash." The Wizard speculates that the bald guy was his handler, and he is comparing him to a 9/11 mouthpiece who had a handler hovering over him as well. Here you can see both of them, or I should say, all four of them. 

OK, so, the dark guy on the left is the French guy who was spouting off the story that they wanted told about the Oswald shooting, and behind him is the bald guy from before who covered Bookhout's head. Obviously, he had a lot of hair in back, but on top and in the front, he was bald. He appears to be the same man who put the bag, or whatever it was, over James Bookhout's head. And we assume that he had a leadership role here, that he was listening to what the French guy was saying, and overseeing the whole thing, like Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of First Manassas. And likewise, on the right, you've got the guy in the dark shirt and dark baseball cap spouting the story that they wanted told about 9/11, and standing next to him is his handler, the big black guy. 

Again, this is just a speculation, but it is a very intelligent and interesting speculation that I respect. And I find it very CREEPY to watch because of what is implied. We live in an Orwellian world, and the mindbenders were active then just as they are active now. 

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