Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Let's imagine that someone was standing next to Toni Glover. If it's a relatively short person, and she's on that tall pedestal, then she is going to tower over him. Right?

So, I used someone whom I believe was about 5'6", James Bookhout, and if you continue to cling to the false claim that he was Jack Ruby, that would make him 5'8". But, his feet were apart, and his right knee was bent, which was lowering him. Toni Glover, with her arms overhead and her probably being up on her toes was surely going to tower over him if she were up on that pedestal. I can't put him above her in the picture because as I explained yesterday, in a photograph, being above can represent depth. Notice how the sidewalk looks like it's going uphill, though of course it wasn't. So, I put him behind her. But, I had to make him small enough so that she would tower over him because we are assuming, for the moment, that she was up on the pedestal.

So, look how small I had to make him. He's too small; much too small. The shooter was short but stocky. He was described as stocky by a witness. Let's try it again, this time being concerned only about the accuracy of his size. 

OK, so I made him larger, and I think I was conservative about it. If anything, he should be larger yet. But notice that Toni isn't towering over him, but she would be if she were up on the pedestal and he was standing next to her.  This demonstrates very well that she was not up on the pedestal. With her being on the pedestal and reaching, stretching up like that with her arms, she should be towering over the people in front, but she's not. She and her mother were standing on the grass. 

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