Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Here's a gem. Gotta love it. Arch lone-nutter Dale Myers takes on arch lone-nutter Max Holland over his ridiculous "bounce-off-the traffic-light" theory of what happened to the first bullet and how it wound up at the bottom of Dealey Plaza. 

Myers quotes a real scientist (which Holland is not) forensic scientist Luke Haag: 

“Sorry gentlemen,” Haag wrote in summation to his latest rebuttal, “[your first shot ricochet theory] is ballistically absurd. But I will make you this offer.

If you will provide the proper WCC 6.5x52mm Carcano ammunition and come to Arizona, I will duplicate all of my testing on this subject of a 6.5mm Carcano bullet striking/grazing a steel pole of your choosing at no cost to you with a properly configured M91/38 Carcano rifle. These tests would include using the proper standoff distance, Doppler radar tracking of the bullets, downrange witness panels for documenting the post-impact flight of the bullet or bullet fragments followed by laser measurements of the deflection angles. You are most welcome to photograph and videotape this testing which will take 1 to 2 days to complete.” (emphasis in original)

It is an offer Holland shouldn’t refuse.

I couldn't agree more, Dale. But note that your defense of the Single Bullet Theory is just as ridiculous as Holland's theory of what happened to the first shot. 

Here is Dale's article, which makes mincemeat of the pompous clown, Max Holland:


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