Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Doctors have a duty to keep trying to resuscitate as long as there are any signs of life. That's what they were doing with Kennedy, and that's what they were doing with Oswald. Kennedy was as dead as a chicken with its head cut off. And Oswald had lost virtually all of his blood. It was all pooled inside his abdominal cavity. Nobody would have thought that he needed killing at that point, and least of all doctors.

The imagination of some people knows no bounds. These were doctors; not cold warriors. Even if it was true that one of more of them were anti-Kennedy, and we don't know that, it doesn't mean that they would take part in murdering anybody. They had lives, and their life was their family and their profession, which was Medicine. They weren't wrapped up with the Cold War, say, the way Allen Dulles was. The idea that they would have been willing to killing someone over it is ridiculous. 

Parkland Hospital was and probably still is a teaching hospital, and the surgeons who operated on Oswald weren't just surgeons: they were also professors. That was true of  Tom Spires, who was the lead surgeon. He taught surgery at Southwestern. It was true of Malcolm Perry, who went to become a professor at the University of Washington at Seattle in their big medical complex. He taught at Texas Tech. He taught at Southwestern. Dr. Ronald Jones was a resident at the time, but he was the top surgical resident at Parkland Hospital, and he went on to become a professor at Baylor University Medical School, and he became the head of it. It was true of Dr. Marion Jenkins, who was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at UT Southwestern Medical School- since 1951.  And guess what? The final doctor, Robert McClelland, was also a professor: 

Dr. McClelland was appointed to the faculty of UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1962 and is the first faculty member to hold the Alvin Baldwin Jr. Chair in Surgery, an endowment designated for support of surgical education.

So, there you have it: Every single one of the doctors laboring over Oswald was not only a surgeon, but a professor or future professor.

To think that they, in their walk in life, would get involved in killing someone over what? Fanatical politics? It is ridiculous.

David Lifton has last his marbles.  

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