Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oswald looked in the direction of Bookhout.

Not Leavelle, not Graves, but Oswald. It's amazing, isn't it, that police detectives assigned to guard and protect a man wouldn't scan the area from which an attack could come?

Then, Oswald turned his head back and waited for the attack to come, but notice that the other detective against the wall seemed to be eyeing Bookhout right before the attack.

He's looking at Bookhout. But, of course, he does nothing. He has no intention of intervening. Then look what he does.

Now, he's looking straight ahead. Bookhout is on the move, rushing toward Oswald, but this guy doesn't want to look at it.

Here Oswald has been shot. We heard the blast, and we see Oswald starting to cringe. So, this was a split-second after the shot. 

But, do you know what else was a split-second after the shot? The Jackson photo. But, it's terribly different. In it, there is Detective Blackie Harrison's gorilla arm coming over, and Leavelle is positioned differently. And, Oswald has slapped his left arm against his chest. 

So, in the film, do we EVER see Oswald slap his left arm against his chest? No, we do not. For one thing, Bookhout gets in the way, and he has his back to the camera obscuring Oswald. 

So, do you want to say that the Jackson photo happened then? You would, wouldn't you. But, let's look at the last frame of Oswald before he goes out of view.

Oswald is going forward and down. He's sinking. And, you'd think he would continue sinking and collapse right there. But, he doesn't. he veers back. He goes up on his toes. Way up on his tippy-toes. And then finally, goes down, straight down, like the freight elevator at the TSBD. But, that is all to come. But, what I want to know is: whose hand is that? It certainly is not the Shooter's. It can only be Oswald's. Right? But yet, it can't be Oswald's because it's a right hand, and Oswald's right hand was cuffed to Leavelle's left hand. So, whose right hand is that? And why is it so weird. It only has three fingers. 

That is NOT an anatomical human hand. What I think we're seeing here is crude art. Someone tried to create the impression of a hand.

So, after that, Bookhout's back acts like a curtain, and by the time Oswald comes back into view, he is veering back and going up on his toes.

So, what would cause Oswald to start collapsing, to start going down, and then to suddenly veer back and go up on his toes instead? I know. Maybe it was a Thorburn reaction, as per the Idiot Dr. Lattimer.  Yeah, that's the ticket. Oswald was just having a gigantic reflex. And notice that through it all, Fritz hasn't even turned around or, for that matter, flinched.

But, the hand. What is that hand?

It's more bull shit is what it is. More JFK assassination bull shit. And there is so much JFK assassination bull shit, I don't know that we are ever going to uncover it all.   

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