Saturday, December 17, 2016

This is a compilation of all my posts so far concerning the possible new Bookhout figure from the garage as Oswald was being rolled out to the ambulance on a stretcher. I've combined them all so that they can be viewed in one link. 

We think we may have found an image of James Bookhout.  We're not sure. We are not declaring it. And if we're wrong, it doesn't matter because nothing else changes. It's still Bookhout who was the Garage Shooter. But, it is conceivable that this is him, and the one who found this and brought it to my attention was the Wizard.

So, that rather short man in the fedora hat who is looking down- not out at the action but down at the ground-  he is our contender. 

Notice the weird shape of his eyebrow, which has a zigzag, which is impossible. Nobody could have an eyebrow like that. But, we already know that they like to mess with Bookhout's eyebrows in order to alter his look, so maybe they did that here. I don't know what to make of the white dot on his nose. And why does he seem to have such long sideburns? There is no chance that he did, no matter who he is, and I assume all agree. This was 1963. 

Here is a comparison to the Ruby impostor, whom we know to be Bookhout.

 I think the size and spacing of the eyes matches well. The slender nose matches well. The narrow mouth matches well. the chin is not a problem. Of course, his left ear on our far right is very different from the corresponding on on the other guy. But, maybe they altered that because it does look weird and unusual. 

It does seem odd that he would looking down, doesn't it?

He looks strangely disengaged, doesn't he? The others all seem involved in what's going on, but he's looking down and paying no attention. The Wizard pointed out that Bookhout did testify that he went to the garage after he heard about the shooting, and that, obviously, supports this. If you believe Bookhout, if you don't think he was lying, then this is as close a match as anything we have. 

Again, I'm not declaring it; I am just airing our contemplation of it. And it's partly because if he is not Bookhout, then it should be possible to identify him as someone else. After all, he's coming out of that police door. So, he must be a policeman or and FBI agent. Right? If he was a reporter, he would definitely not be looking down. If he was a reporter, he would be paying attention to what was happening to Oswald. So, if he is another law enforcement officer, who is he? We think he may be Bookhout. 

I have no doubt whatsoever that the man that Oswald was talking to in the hall and asking him what he had against something was James Bookhout. So, we can compare him to the mystery photo.

And it compares very well with no disconnects, although I'll admit that there isn't a whole lot of visual data in the top photo. A big factor is going to be whether someone can come up with a provable other identity for him. We'll see. 

That potential Bookhout figure does seem to be wearing his Fedora hat rather low on his head. I made this comparison to Sinatra.

Look how close the rim of his hat is to his right eyebrow on our left. So, is he hiding under that hat? And is it because he's James Bookhout? 

Let's continue looking at this strange figure, who is possibly James Bookhout.  I call him "strange" because as I look at him, I see someone who very much wants NOT to be seen, NOT to be noticed.

He does seem nervous about being there, doesn't he? He seems deep in thought too, does he not? 

So now, I've put him alongside the young Jim Bookhout. Do they look like father and son?

It's not bad. Very plausible indeed. And pay no attention to the ridiculous sideburn and the web-shaped ear on the right. How could the margin of his ear look like a straight diagonal line? It's an ear we're talking about. That may be the first ear in history that is shaped like the number 7. Can't you see the 7? Let's try another.

Again, not bad. Not bad at all. The broad nose on Cadet Bookhout was faked, so that's no dealbreaker. The phony sideburn is making his face look narrower on the right. That's really quite good.

This next one is a comparison of the core of the face of LSU graduate Bookhout and the Bookhout contender. The purpose is to compare the noses, and they match quite well.

Those noses really match well, and it's an unusually narrow nose. What's happening here is that we are building up a lot of commonalities. If this guy wasn't Bookhout, he sure had a lot of commonalities with Bookhout. By coincidence?

I am going to add that that guy looks like he feels GUILTY of something. He looks very sheepish, like he wants to blend into the wall. Blackie Harrison, on the right, is looking down at Oswald, but who is the Bookhout figure looking down at? He's definitely looking down. Dropped a dime, did he? 

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