Friday, December 30, 2016

Note that officials announced right away that the guy who looked so much like Oswald in the Altgens photo was really another TSBD employee, Billy Lovelady, who just happened to look uncannily like Oswald- so uncannily it was eerie. And, they added the stories about Lovelady's kids mistaking Oswald for their dad on television, and Lovelady's wife seeing Oswald from behind at the TSBD and thinking he was her husband. The fact that Oswald was taller and 40 pounds lighter than Lovelady didn't phase her? She still thought he was her husband, whom she slept with nightly? 

But, they did all that lip-wagging without publishing any images of Lovelady. Presumably, they could have gotten images of him from him, or they easily could have taken images of him. And, don't forget they had the film captures of Lovelady from 11/22. For instance, they could have published this:

And everyone would have seen how uncannily he looked like this:

Oh yeah, I can see that. Or, they could have published this:

Yeah, that's the spitting image of Oswald. Is it not?

And, when they finally did take photos of Lovelady, which was in late February 1964, they didn't publish those either. They didn't even announce that they took them. The only reason the world found out about those FBI photos is because of one man: Harold Weisberg. He's the one who dug them out of the document pile after the Warren Report was published. The FBI had taken them and quietly sent them to the Warren Commission, accompanied by a letter from J. Edgar Hoover.  But, they immediately got lost in the document pile- until Howard Weisberg dug them up.

Despite their best effort to concoct lookalike photos, it was no match to Oswald either.

Notice that they did slap the top of Lovelady's head on Doorman, but everything else about Doorman looks like  Oswald because he was Oswald, and Oswald and Lovelady looked nothing alike. What this is is a naked display of chicanery and lies, bloodied chicanery and lies. The cover-up of Oswald in the doorway went on for 50 ruthless years, unabated. But now, it is gone; forever gone; dead and gone; and it is never coming back. Larry Rivera has seen to that. 

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