Thursday, December 22, 2016

I mentioned Robert Groden in my last post, but I have more to say about him. For years, he has been bashing those of us who claim that Oswald was Doorman, even calling us "lunatics". And yet, he attended the presentation of one of us "lunatics," Larry Rivera, in Dallas in November. And apparently, he went there specifically to listen to Larry because he did not attend any other presentations. However, he didn't stay for the question and answer session. If he's still so sure that Doorman was Lovelady, then why didn't he stick around and say so to Larry Rivera and in public? He could have. I assure you that Larry would have welcomed the confrontation with him. But, my hunch is that he was just as impressed with Larry's presentation as the other attendees. So, he sheepishly crawled out. 

There has been no bigger traitor to the JFK truth movement than Robert Groden. He has opposed Oswald in the doorway, Zapruder film alteration, and more. For the HSCA, he went through elaborate effort to "enhance" images of Lovelady, but he didn't even include an image of Oswald in his comparative analysis. He agreed to work for them- for excellent pay- with the understanding in advance that he would find for Lovelady in the doorway. That was his job. That was his assignment. That was his task at hand. And he promised he could deliver. In other words, it was the exact same frame of mind as the Warren Commission, which from Day 1 set out to prove Oswald's guilt after first deciding he was guilty. They never even considered, as a remote possibility, that he could be innocent. And it was exactly likewise with Groden, as he set out to disprove Oswald in the doorway.

But, he failed miserably. After all, it is Oswald in the doorway: same man, same clothes. The lunatic thing is to deny it.

Robert Groden is the Benedict Arnold of the JFK truth movement. He should never be allowed to speak for any JFK gathering. He should be with treated scorn, contempt and derision. He single-handedly set the whole JFK truth movement back for decades just by doing what he did for the HSCA.  

Realize that there was no more important issue to the HSCA than the Doorman issue. Everything hinged on it. If Oswald was in the doorway during the shooting, then obviously, nothing else mattered. By hiring Groden as their "photo expert" the HSCA made it look like they got an Oswald defender to trash Oswald in the doorway. But, Groden is not, and never has been, a real Oswald defender

The renunciation of Robert Groden is an absolute must to those who are serious about thrusting JFK truth into the limelight.

Did you ever see the movie Stalag 13 starring William Holden? It's the classic and quintessential WW2 prisoner of war movie and the inspiration for the tv show Hogan's Heroes.  In it, the American POWs finally realize at the end that one of their own, this tall blonde guy from Indiana was actually a German spy and had been working for the other side and betraying them all along. It was this guy, right here. I forget his name, but let's just call him Robert Groden because we might as well. The analogy fits. 

But, don't worry, at the end, he got his. He got just what he deserved. 

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