Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Joseph Backes: "This is a modern map. This is the route one could take now in 2016.  This map does not show the normal traffic routes of 1963. There are more roads and different traffic patterns now compared to back then." 

Ralph Cinque: Actually, Mapquest offered several routes to get to Parkland Hospital from the old City Hall Building in Dallas. And one of them was to to through Dealey Plaza and take the Stemmons Freeway, which was the route that JFK was taken. But, they listed this surface street route as the first one, and that's why I went with it. And the streets are all still there. Backes helped himself to the assumption that today's route would be different. However, the route seen there above is essentially the same as what Oswald's ambulance driver took, except that instead of doing the sensible thing of exiting out the Main Street ramp and turning left to Harwood to go north, he exited the Commerce Street ramp and turned left, going out of his way, making a ridiculous circular loop, that just wasted time. 

I guess the driver never heard the old adage that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. And when you don't have a straight line, then you look for the closest thing to a straight line. But, it is just plain freaky that he went the way that he did. It would be freaky to go that way at any time, let alone during an emergency when a human life is hanging by a thread. There is no excuse for it. Absolutely none. 

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