Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why didn't Jack Beers center on Oswald? Shouldn't Oswald have been in the center of his picture? I can understand why he did it the way he did for wanting to capture "Ruby," but how is that possible? You can't tell me that Beers had enough time to consciously think about wanting to capture Ruby. Look: he had no expectation about Ruby, right? Isn't that the story? He didn't know a damn thing about Ruby, right? And he had to be setting up his picture, deciding how he was going to frame it, before Ruby made his move. Right? So, try to imagine the picture without Ruby in it. Wouldn't Jack Beers have centered on Oswald? Presumably, "Ruby" bolted so fast at the last second that you can't tell me that Beers adjusted his camera to accommodate Ruby. Ruby could not have been part of Beers' mindset. Yet, somehow, Beers' camera was centered on "Ruby's" arm as he shot Oswald. So, Beers centered on Ruby not Oswald. Again, why? Why didn't Jack Beers have his camera centered on Oswald?  

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