Monday, December 12, 2016

Here is a unique image found by the Wizard: Oswald from behind. I don't recall seeing such an image before. 

Notice that Oswald was scruffy in the back of his neck too. He must have been several weeks out from his last haircut. Compare him to the Dallas detective behind him. Those law enforcement guys, both DPD and FBI, were scrupulous about their haircuts, were they not? They were all like that. And that's what makes this image so weird:

You can plainly see that Ruby's hair, on the right, was not like that. And nobody's was. Find one other man in the JFK orbit with hair that long in back; I dare you. Men did not go around like that then. Ruby's hair wasn't like that, and neither was Bookhout's. That is artificial; it is fake. It's curling up back there, for Christ's sake. And the way his neck is razored so straight and clean tells you that he must have been to the barber recently. And he left the hair that long? I don't believe it. That was done to send YOU a message: "This is NOT an FBI agent." 

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