Friday, December 30, 2016

Today, I received this letter from OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, which summarizes his JFK research activities in 2016. It was a busy and productive year for him. 

Hi Ralph.  It seemed that this year we were finding out new things almost on a weekly basis.  Even though the Oswald overlays were important last year (we first published this at the end of October 2015), the Lovelady overlays were even more compelling because even if we remove Lee from consideration as Doorman, these overlays identified conclusively that Black Hole Man is Lovelady, therefore he cannot have been Doorman.  

Next, I would have to mention the chicanery of Kenneth Brooten and Robert Groden in their trip to Aurora Co. November 13, 1976 to "identify" Lovelady, but where they failed to show Lovelady the Altgens6 and were only intent on converting him into the individual in the plaid shirt seen in front of the TSBD in the John Martin film.  In the process, according to handwriting expert Kim Johnsen, falsifying BNL's signature on the back of the Martin photo, (taken from a frame of the film which was grossly underexposed), AND failing to follow up on Lovelady's statement that Lee "could have" been in the doorway with him. All of this born out of the HSCA recording posted by Denis Morrisette on youtube, the existence of which I mention in chapter 7 of my book, which once obtained, was processed digitally to enhance its quality, allowing Gary and I to transcribe it a few months ago.  I do consider this to be the biggest find of the year.  The recording also conclusively refutes the premises that Lovelady re-entered the TSBD via the front entrance, AND that he took members of the DPD upstairs to search the building.  Both of these proven to be completely  false, and stated so by Lovelady himself.    
From there, the creation of the Harper Fragment 3D model using Blender, where we can now export the 3D file to be readily 3D printed to create a 3D model in plastic, pvc, etc (or other similar material) for pathologists and MD's to study, and which confirms David Mantik's thesis of occipital-parietal origin. 

RC: Note that these are screen-grabs from the MP4 that Larry sent me of the rotating 3D model of the Harper fragment. I did this because I am unable to post a MP4 here. 

Little did the FBI know back then, that what seemed like simple, innocuous 2D photographs of the Harper Fragment, would one day be used to accurately create this 3D model.  Similarly, the 3D model of Dealey Plaza currently being worked on by my team using Blender, will prove to be invaluable in re-creating the events of November 22, 1963.  Attached are preliminary images rendered by the program.  These scenes have the sun correctly set at its position at 12:30PM, showing the directions of the shadows.  My second book will be entirely on applying Blender to the photographic evidence to create 3D models of everything related to the assassination.

And finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the JFK Conference last month where for the first time ever, we were allowed to present the forensic overlay work on Doorman and Black Hole Man, to positively identify these individuals as Lee Oswald and Billy Lovelady, respectively.

Happy New Year.

Today I will be isolating the entrance way and placing human models generated by the 3D program makehuman,

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