Saturday, December 10, 2016

Let's hone-in on the back of the Beers photo, where we are looking through the double-doors into the police building. Look where the arrow is pointing. What do you see? You see a crowd of people back there, stuffed like groupies at a rock concert.

What are they doing there? This was supposed to be Oswald being led 30 feet to a car, placed in the car, and driven away. Period. What in tarnation was there supposed to be to see? To gawk at? It's like they knew this was going to be a spectacle. It's like they knew it was going to be more than just Oswald being led to a car.  And you can't tell me that those were reporters inside the building. The reporters were gathered outside in the garage. Those had to be police. So, what made them so interested in seeing Oswald being led to a car if that's all that they expected? This was a Sunday morning. Presumably, it was a time of relatively low staffing. And, yet, you had all these policemen and detectives gathered there, concentrated there. And why? Supposedly, to watch Oswald being placed in a car and driven away. This is way too much buildup, anticipation, and interest for what was to them a nothing-to-see situation: moving Oswald over to the County Jail. What was the big deal? This was before the shot took place. If you tell me they expected Oswald to get shot in the 30 foot walk in police custody and under police protection, then something is terribly wrong. But, the very fact that they were congregated there prior to the shot tells you that they KNEW something was going to happen.    

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