Thursday, December 15, 2016

Let's revisit this excerpt from Mel Ayton: 

"Dets. L.D Montgomery and 'Blackie' Harrison grabbed Ruby from the back and got him to the ground. Ruby responded with ''I'm Jack Ruby. You all know me.'' As he was taken to a third- floor interrogation room, Ruby said, ''I hope I killed the son of a bitch. It will save you guys a lot of trouble.'' 

As I watch the footage, I don't recognize Montgomery and Harrison among the penguins. But, the statement of what Ruby said upon being pounced up was reported by many, including Ruby himself. Why would he say that if he knew he had just shot a man? And according to Jim Leavelle, Ruby tried to shoot him as well. So, why would Ruby say what he did if he knew he did those things? Then, it appears that Ruby wasn't one to curse. Although he never described how he shot Oswald, he did recall what he said to Oswald, which was, "You rat. You killed my President." Then he pointed out that he didn't use a bad word. And never in his statements did that kind of harsh attitude and language occur. In fact, never in his public statements did Jack Ruby speak in the first person about killing Oswald. So, I would suggest to you that it never happened, that he never any such thing when he was taken to the 3rd floor. 

Think about who Mel Ayton is, an associate of and co-author with David Von Pein.

So, you can go straight to Hell, Mel. You don't know jack shit about Jack Ruby or anything else concerning the JFK assassination. 

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