Monday, December 26, 2016

Holy Virgin Mother of God! 

"Hardin (Oswald's ambulance driver) explains that they went east of Commerce to the Expressway and north on the Expressway to Elm and then west on Elm to Harwood and north on Harwood to Harry Hines and north on Harry Hines to Parkland ."  

City Hall was on Harwood. Between Commerce and Main on Harwood.  It's address was Harwood. 106 S. Harwood.

So, all he had to do was go out the Main ramp and turn left to Harwood and then turn right. Or, if he insisted on going out Commerce, he could have driven the wrong way for a few yards to the corner, which was Harwood, and then turned right. Instead, he did this:

So, a man was DYING, and that was the best he could do? What if it was his brother dying in that ambulance? Is that the route he would have taken? All he had to do was go out the Main Street ramp, and he could have turned left to Harwood. Or, he could have turned right on Commerce and gone a few lousy yards the wrong direction and turned right on Harwood. But no, instead, he goes all the way down to the Expressway just to stay on it for 2 blocks, from Commerce to Elm. 

But, this is OK with the Idiot Joseph Backes. He sees no problem with it. The only thing he accuses Dallas Police of is faking the bus and cab rides, which is the one thing they did NOT do. 

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