Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Jackson photo is like the poster child of all that is corrupt about the official JFK assassination story, which is just about everything about it. You've got Leavelle with his hand in Oswald's pants- even though the hand and forearm doing it are an obvious graft and disconnected to the rest of him. You've got Oswald with that ridiculous, impossible hand slapped to his chest, which definitely wasn't his hand. You've got a police detective, Blackie Harrison, on the far right, who is not only extending his gorilla arm over as if he were holding a microphone, but he continues taking a drag from his cigarette even though a shot has just gone off, and a man has screamed. Likewise, you've got a police captain on the far left, Will Fritz, who has also heard the shot and the cries, and he hasn't turned around or shown any sign of alarm. And who has? Do you see a startled, alarmed look on the face of reporter Tom Petit on the right to the left of Blackie? No, not at all. Look: most of us, the vast majority of us, go our whole lives and never experience a man being shot in the same small space that we're in. So, were it to happen, it would be pretty damn shocking to most of us. But, is there even one single person in this photo who exhibits the appropriate level of shock at what just happened? No. There is not. So, my question is: What the Hell is wrong with people that they accept this shit? And, I don't mean the people in the photo; I mean the people looking at the photo. But, not only do they accept this shit; they award it Pulitzer Prizes. Are we all living in the Twilight Zone? 

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