Friday, December 16, 2016

Let's revisit that statement by Mel Ayton, that upon being taken to the 3rd floor, Jack Ruby told Dallas Police that he did them a favor by shooting that son of a bitch Oswald. 

Did them a favor, did he? Would these be the same Dallas Police that moments before he tried to kill?

Remember that the official story has it, that is, according to James Leavelle, that after shooting Oswald that "Ruby" tried to pull the trigger on Leavlle and put him down, and the only reason it didn't happen is because Graves locked his hand around the gun and prevented the barrel from turning. But, if "Ruby" had succeeded at shooting Leavelle, don't we have to assume that he then would have shot another policeman? We don't assume he had any special grudge against Leavelle, do we? Don't we have to assume that he was just as ready and willing to kill any other Dallas policeman?

But, this flies in the face of what we know about Jack Ruby. Do you know that just a day or two before, he brought sandwiches to the Homicide Bureau to feed the detectives there? So, he was feeding them one day and shooting them the next? 

So, what do YOU think? Do you think that "Ruby" tried to shoot Leavelle? Or do you think that Leavelle just said that to dress up the story? I think Leavelle just said that to dress up the story.

And it's not the only time he dressed up the story. He claimed to go right into the operating room with Oswald and demanded that a doctor lacerate Oswald's side to free the bullet that was lodged under the skin. What do you think? Do you believe that? Do you think surgeons take orders from Police about what to do in the Operating Room?  But, there is a big problem with this story because Dr. Tom Shires, the head surgeon, contradicted it. He claimed that he removed the bullet, and it was at the end of the surgery, after they gave up on Oswald and declared him dead. And, Shires said that it looked like a .38. And of course, it was a .38.

Here are Dr. Shires exact words: "It looked like a .38 caliber bullet. We removed the bullet at the end."  

So, who are you going to believe? A renowned surgeon who was a consummate professional or a very bombastic detective? And remember what else Leavelle claimed: that he saw Ruby coming, that he recognized him, that he saw the gun, that he tried to jerk Oswald behind him to protect him, that he shoved on Ruby's left shoulder- but, absolutely none of that is seen in any of the films. There is simply no question that all of it is a lie. Leavelle wasn't even looking in the direction of "Ruby" when he shot Oswald. 

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