Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Notice in the larger film frame the location of the cop next to the wall, how he is back at the corner. But, look at the inset to see where he is in Beers, way beyond the corner. 

I already stated that you can never find the Jackson moment in any of the films; it does not exist. Well, the same is true about Beers. You can't find the Beers moment in any of the films. Those famous photos are not seen in the films. They concocted a phony frame that kinda/sorta looks like Jackson but it only exists as a still. You don't actually see it in the film. 

The image on the left, you don't actually see in the running film. It's just a phony thing that they made to authenticate Jackson. Try to come up with it yourself. In other words, go watch the NBC or the KRLD or any other film of the shooting and try to find that frame. You can't. Believe me, I've tried. The Jackson and Beers photos do NOT exist in any of the films. They don't. And I defy anyone to come up with them. Go ahead. Try to prove me wrong. 

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