Thursday, December 8, 2016

We have a very good image of Oswald's hand to compare to the hand in the Jackson photo, and here it is. Look at the difference:

It turns out that Oswald's hand was indeed human, unlike the other, which is a monstrosity. Count his fingers; he had 5; not 4. Look at the size of his thumb and how small it was. Look at the shape of his wrist/hand/thumb and how normal it was, unlike that monstrosity on the right. That was NOT his hand, and it was not anybody's hand. Nobody's hand could be shaped like that.

These anatomical facts were just apparent in 1963 as they are in 2016. So, why didn't people notice it? Notice it right away? Why didn't Robert Jackson notice it? Why didn't the Pulitizer Prize committee, which gave him the award, notice it? And why is it that even today people dwell on and wow over the photo without noticing such a glaring and conspicuous abnormality?

It's because they don't look at it critically. They just look at it within the trance of officialdom. I should say: the Orwellian trance of officialdom. When they look at it, they only see the story being told. They're not examining it for accuracy and authenticity. They have their censors, and their sensors, turned off. Well, I'm here to turn them back on; to turn on the floodlights. That photo is grotesque. It is NOT legit. That photo is a lie; the story behind it is a lie; and it is time for America and the world to wake up.     

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