Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The ambulance entered the Garage from the Main Street entrance. Here is Huffaker looking towards Main Street at the approaching ambulance.

Then, everyone scurries out of the way as the ambulance approaches from Main.

So, without having to turn around, driver stops adjacent to the jail office right where the shooting occurred. They hasten in with a stretcher to get Oswald. Soon after they came out with Oswald strewn out and Bookhout in toe. 

After loading Oswald, they had to wait for the armored truck to be removed from the Commerce street entrance, which they were going to use to exit. But, why didn't they go back out the same way they came in, via Main? For one thing, it was the general direction they wanted to go, north, rather than south. For two, they had the cubby hole, that recess within the building, to use to back up and turn around. It would not have been hard at all. Alternatively, they could have just put the ambulance in reverse and backed out. Someone could have helped by stopping traffic as they emerged onto Main. They had cops there, right? So, it should have been out to Main, left on Main to Harwood, which was just yards away, then a right turn to go north on Harwood which went right into Harry Hines which would have taken them right to the Hospital. Parkland Hospital is on Harry Hines: 5200 Harry Hines. I dare say that was the most direct, straight as an arrow way to get to Parkland. So why instead did they wait for the armored truck to be moved and then exit Commerce, and turn left and go all the way down to the Expressway? It makes no sense now, and it made no sense then. And the thing is: they used the Main entrance coming in. So, why didn't they use it going out?  

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