Thursday, December 29, 2016

The year 2016 is about to end, and I would like to reflect on our accomplishments this past year. It has been a great year for JFK truth with a lot of progress made, including important new finds. Here is a short list of what I consider the most significant developments.

1) Larry Rivera's overlays of Oswald and Doorman.

Of course, Oswald being in the doorway was well proven, in spades, before Larry did this. But, what this provides is an incomparable visual display that cinches the reality of it like nothing that has come before. And now, it is field-tested, and we know that it really works. People respond to this. This puts people over the top and into our camp. It is simply inconceivable that Oswald and Lovelady looked this much alike. They were not related. They weren't even the same body type. And the stories they told- such as Lovelady's kids seeing Oswald on tv and thinking it was their dad- are a crock-o'-shit. Never happened. Couldn't have. It's pure horse shit. But, this gif by Larry Rivera is our fail-safe. This settles it once and for all, that it was Oswald in the doorway, and as the Doorway Man, which was buried under 53 years of lies. including the ridiculous Prayer Man lie. And by the way, if you're wondering who Prayer Man really was, the answer is: nobody. The whole thing is fake. But, moving on:

2) the discovery that the Moorman photo was taken before the fatal head shot. Note that the discovery that the Moorman photo was really taken by Babushka Lady counts as a 2015 discovery. But, it was in 2016 that the common notion that the Moorman photo was taken in conjunction with Zapruder frame 315 (which was 2 frames after the fatal head shot) was blasted to smithereens.  The basis of this discovery is that in the Moorman photo, the motorcycles hadn't advanced far enough in relation to the limo. We can still see most all of the left rear wheel of the limo. Whereas, at the time of the fatal head shot, the motorcycles obscured that rear wheel. Look at it in the Muchmore film. In this frame, you can see the mist from the explosion on the right side of JFK's head, so you know the fatal head shot has occurred. Look at where the motorcycles are. Notice that you can't see the rear wheel, at least not very much of it.

Now, look at the Moorman photo, and you'll see that the bikes are still farther back, leaving most of the wheel exposed.  

The reason the bikes gained on the limo is because the limo driver Will Greer braked, and since the officers couldn't react in kind immediately, they gained on the limo. Also, notice that in the Muchmore frame that Jack and Jackie are closer together than in Moorman. That's another way we know that the Moorman photo was taken prior to the fatal head shot. The importance this has is monumental. We know that JFK's head got blown out in back and Officer Chaney reported being showered (literally soaked) with debris from Kennedy's brain. Why, therefore, does JFK's head look intact in back in the Moorman photo? It's not because they altered it. (Oh, they altered the photo and massively, but they didn't alter that.) It's because the fatal head shot hadn't happened yet. Officialdom has been falsely using the Moorman photo as evidence that there was no blowout wound in back on Kennedy. But, that is not true. There definitely was such a wound, and it came a split-second after the Moorman photo was taken. We know that now.

3) then there was the discovery that Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald, that he was as innocent of the Oswald shooting as Oswald was of the Kennedy shooting. I made this discovery by myself this year, but it turned out that someone else, Maksim Irkutsk from Russia, discovered it in 2013 and put up an excellent Youtube video about it accordingly. 

Believe me, I was delighted to find out that Maxsim Irkutsk had beaten me to the punch on this by 3 years. I jumped for joy. And realize what it's based on: the fact that the little visual data we have on the Garage Shooter conflicts with Jack Ruby. 

And the very fact that there is so little visual data (that is, no view of the shooter's face) demonstrates a concerted effort to keep him out of view precisely because he was not Jack Ruby. And then, the fact that Dallas Police herded him out of the garage without stopping to cuff him first shows you that they were just trying to cover him up. There was no fighting going on. They were just doing their penguin thing. 

4) and then came the discovery that the real garage shooter was James Bookhout. And, it was completely separate. For many months, all I knew was that it wasn't Ruby, and I had no idea who it was. But, I started thinking about Bookhout before I had any image of him and precisely because I had no image of him. How could a guy who was following Oswald around constantly for two days not be imaged? And then, I checked Bookhout's testimony and found out that he reported being right there at the final interview but then chose not to go down and watch the jail transfer? You had reporters from all over the world there. You had half the Dallas PD there, it seems- when you look at the crowd of them backed up in the open double doors of the police building. And yet, Bookhout wasn't interested? He said he just hung around Fritz' office, but why? It wasn't his office. And he said nothing about making any communications to the FBI during that time or doing anything remotely constructive. And my first thought was that if he was there as the Garage Shooter, then of course he would say that he wasn't there at all. 

And then, I went looking for images of Bookhout, in earnest, eventually finding the yearbooks. But, I also did a search online looking for discussions about James Bookhout. I wanted to find out what others were saying about him. And I found on the Education Forum, a discussion of him, like he was a Mystery Man, with others noting the lack of any images of him. And that's when I found a post by someone who said that if you want to see an image of James Bookhout, he's in the hallway talking to Oswald in this clip. And the clip was the one that Denis Morrissette put up entitled "Oswald escorted" which Denis has since taken down, and of course I know the reason why he took it down. We all know whose side Denis is on. But, in it, you can see this short guy to whom Oswald was talking in the hallway, where Oswald asked Bookhout what he had against something.

And then, seeing him from behind led to the connection to the Garage Shooter.

Then, the one who recognized that Bookhout was the Ruby impostor in the retrospective by Fred Rhinestein was the man we refer to as the Wizard.

It was also the Wizard who correctly identified Bookhout in the ROTC photo as this guy:

And, it was also the Wizard who found this image of Bookhout behind Oswald's stretcher as he was rolled out of the jail office:

Then there was the discovery of the photographic and film alterations relating to the Oswald shooting, including Beers and Jackson. Credit for the discovery of the phony hand of Oswald slapped to his chest in the Jackson photo goes to OIC member Craig Roberts.

That is not a hand; it is two hands clasped together. And that humungous thumb, which is a right thumb, could not possibly be Oswald's. 

The whole bit about Leavelle having his hand in Oswald's pants is another piece of fakery. 

That is a fake forearm that you're seeing there. And then they had to go back and make it happen in all the films as well.

What you're seeing there is anatomically impossible. That can't be Leavelle's arm. It would have had to be fractured.

This is by no measure a complete or comprehensive list of our 2016 accomplishments, and I am going to ask Larry Rivera to provide me a list of his own because I know he was involved in a lot of things. But, already it can be seen that 2016 was a very productive year in which the cause of JFK truth was advanced a lot. We have every reason to feel satisfied and encouraged, and we do. And I told you what I am going to do early in 2017, meaning in January. You didn't forget, did you? You didn't think I was kidding, did you? Well, if you thought that, you don't know me. 

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