Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Robin Unger put up this gif from the Muchmore film, and it is very revealing.

You can see when the fatal head shot hits, and you can see where it hit him. That's because there is an explosive mist from the impact of the frangible bullet. I did a screen-save of it. 

So, you see that whitish mist on the right side of Kennedy's head. It's not at the back of his head. It's not on the left side of his head. It's right side of his head. That's where he was hit. Now, if that corresponds to Z-313, then the Moorman photo has to take place 2 frames later at Z-315. But, that's impossible because it's already too late for the Moorman photo. The Moorman photo has already occurred. 

The way we know that is the relative position of the two motorcycle cops viz-a-viz the limo. What happened is that the driver, Will Greer, braked. But, the motorcycle cops didn't know he was going to brake, and they didn't expect him to brake. So, they didn't start braking until after he braked. And that meant that for a short a while, they gained on the limo. And that's what you're seeing there. Notice how far they are compared to the rear wheel of the limo. Now look at the Moorman photo.

So above, you are seeing practically all of the rear wheel. There is very little obscuring, and that's because the bikes are farther back. But, look again at the Muchmore frame:

We hardly see the rear wheel of the limo at all. Compare again to the Moorman photo:

The two motorcycle cops are pretty much in the same position relative to each other. They put that big thumbprint there to hide B.J. Martin who was on the outside. If you look close, you can see his leg and torso. You don't see his dark uniform because they lightened it. But, the point is that the Moorman photo was taken a couple frames BEFORE the fatal head shot, not a couple frames after, as is commonly believed.  

Here's the Muchmore frame that corresponds to Moorman. Notice that the position of the motorcycle wheel viz-a-viz the limo wheel corresponds to what we see in the Moorman photo.

Now that's about right. 

Anyway, I still maintain, very adamantly, that the Moorman photo, being an angular photo shot on a diagonal had to be taken by Babushka Lady. She was the only one in a position to take it. Mary Moorman did NOT shoot an angular photo. She said many, many times that she shot the Kennedys when they were directly adjacent to her. She did not wait for them to pass her and shoot them from behind.

Furthermore, in none of the films do we ever see Mary turn to her left. She is turned to her right as the limo was approaching coming down the hill. But, we never see her turned to her left even after it passed her. 

Most people use Z-300 to represent when Mary took her picture. 

Without endorsing that outright, let's say she did take it then. She's certainly holding her camera like she's taking a picture. But, that's Z-300, so why, in another breath, do people say that she didn't take it until Z-315 or Z-316? Why wouldn't she take it then? Why would she wait only to shoot the back of their heads? In fact, it may have been a few frames before that, in the Z-290s. That's really when I think she took her picture. But, we have never seen her picture. And, I am sure they destroyed it. They haven't been guarding it night and day for 53 years. Who would do that?

But, what we need to wonder is; what did Mary's actual photo show such that they found it imperative to destroy it and replace it? I can only speculate about that, but I won't do it now.   

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