Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What establishes that the Beers and Jackson scenes were separate events was the different placement of the people and the different people. You have to look at the uncropped photos to see it. In Beers below, notice on the left that the policemen lining the wall on the left are past the wall. They are beyond the corner, that is, two of them are. 

Now look at them in Jackson.

That is not just an angular difference. It is a physical difference.

So, there was ramp which ran north to south and then there was a little recess or cubbyhole which was due to the geometry of the building. In Beers on the left, the outmost guy is way beyond the corner; on the right in Jackson, he is back by the corner. That's the difference. There is just no way that they could be the same arrangement. 

Then, on the other side, you had entirely different people. In Jackson, on the right, you had Detective Blackie Harrison extending his long gorilla arm into the fray, and in Beers, on the left, you had some other guy in a white trench coat.

And, there are other differences in the figures which proves that Beers and Jackson were different setups, different takes, and that's for sure.    .6 second difference in time, my ass. 

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