Friday, December 9, 2016

There are certain facts about the Oswald shooting that no one can deny.

1. It was the Dallas Police who set it up as a spectacle. It was supposed to be just a guy being led out to a car and being driven away. The whole pomp and circumstance effect was their idea.

2. When Will Fritz turned around to look back at the trio before marching on himself in a formal manner very much like a wedding procession, he gave it all away. Why would he do that if he thought it was just going to be a man placed into a car? 

3. All the "penguins" who rushed "Ruby" (actually Bookhout) came from the Main Street side, the same side as "Ruby". None of the cops who lined the wall on the other side sought to get involved. How come? Doesn't it seem like if it was just a spontaneous thing that cops from both sides would have jumped into the fray? So, these men must have known in advance whether they were a designated penguin or not.

4. In the run-up to the big event, we see some familiar people.

But, we never see Blackie Harrison in the run-up or in the event itself, even though he has a prominent presence in the Jackson photo.

I've studied the films carefully looking for him, Blackie, but I don't see him. So, how did he get there, and what is he doing there? What is his arm doing outstretched like that? Until I found out he was a police detective, I thought he was a reporter holding a microphone. But, a detective wouldn't be doing that, so what is he doing? And how could he go on casually smoking when the shot has already been fired, and pandemonium has begun? Who smokes through a thing like that? 

5. The story that we most often hear about how Ruby got there is that somebody let him in through a door. But, how did that story ever materialize when Ruby said, repeatedly, that he entered through the Main Street ramp? Knowing as we do that Ruby brought his two dogs with him and left them in his car, it rules out any premeditation on his part. And therefore, there is no reason to doubt his story. Plus, he accurately cited who was there and whom he passed at the entrance, Officer Sam Pierce. So, there is no basis to doubt that that is how Ruby got in whenever he did so. So, why do we keep hearing about Ruby going through a door? 

6. In laying out the timeline, Ruby said it was 10:15 that he was finishing up at the WU office. But, someone corrected him right away, saying that it was 11:15, and he went along with it. But, in the context of a morning, being off by a whole hour seems like an awful lot. So, maybe Ruby was right, that his episode happened an hour before the televised one.  

7. In watching the entire KRLD footage, which is the longest one, you really get the sense of how stunning and shocking it was, and it really renders laughable the whole idea that that minutes after it happened, Dallas Police were busy getting Ruby out of his underwear.

That is fake, and only in a Bizarro World could it not be fake. It is unimaginable how such a thing could have transpired. "OK, Jack, we need you to strip- including your underwear. You need to be in jail underwear." It is preposterous. It is patently absurd.  

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